South Indian Filter Coffee Machine

South Indian Filter Coffee Machine

South Indian filter coffee Machine is a metal device used to brew coffee. It is widely used in South India. A similar device is used to brew Vietnamese coffee. This device is similar to that of a Drip coffee maker.

Let’s get into a brief description of this South Indian filter coffee machine real quick.


The south Indian filter coffee maker use to brew coffee from the ground coffee. Coffee was first introduced to India by a Muslim saint Baba Budan in the 16th century. The coffee beans were first cultivated in Karnataka by him.

This South Indian filter coffee maker is made up of two metal cylindrical cups with a plunger, which has coarse pores in it. The upper cylindrical cup has fine pores in it, to let out (drip) the decoction to the bottom cup.

The coffee grounds are added to the top cup and it is pressed by a pierced disc. Then the hot water is added to the coffee grounds to extract the decoction. This process of extracting the decoction will take about 4 to 5 minutes. The collected decoction is mixed with the froth and the boiled milk.




  • This is the traditional way to brew coffee.
  • It makes the perfect decoction to make the best filter coffee.
  • The decoction extracted by this coffee maker is stronger than any other coffee.
  • This filter coffee is often stronger than that of an espresso.


This is the conservative method of brewing coffee. This South Indian filter coffee maker is used all around India and deep-rooted in the southern part of India.

The coffee brewed by this filter coffee maker is also called degree coffee. This coffee is famous in Kumbakonam, it is located in, Thanjavur, Eastern Tamil Nadu. Later it was derived as Kumbakonam degree coffee. People from all over Tamil Nadu would have tasted this degree of coffee once in their lives.

This coffee is served in a brass tumbler, which enhances the aroma and the taste of the coffee. South Indian filter coffee maker is the best coffee maker to brew stronger and high aromatic coffee.

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